Tom Brady Net Worth Eventual Career Earnings
Tom Brady Net Worth Eventual Career Earnings

Tom Brady can’t bring himself to let go of his cleats, and just ride off into sunset. Perhaps he worries about not having anything to do. Perhaps he worries about not being on television every week. He might just be happy making millions each year.

Tom Brady has made the concept of retirement a lot simpler, no matter what the reason. And that’s why I’m so happy for him. This guy needed a win.

Andrew Marchand, the senior sports writer at the New York Post, claims that Tom will be moving directly to Fox Sports when he retires.

Marchand’s sources claim that Brady has signed a 10-year contract with Fox Sports. This is the biggest contract in sportscasting’s history. What is the total value of Brady’s contract?

$375 Million

Tom will earn $37.5 million annually and will be twice as rich as Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, who both signed $18 million per season deals. In February Troy Aikman, a five year $90 million deal signed with ESPN. A few weeks later, Tony Romo signed an eight-year $180 million deal to CBS.Tom Brady’s Eventual Career Earnings

Tom Brady’s career earnings, including endorsements and salary, were just $420 million before he signed the Fox Sports deal. FYI: His wife, Gisele Bundchen (supermodel) earned $650 million during that same time period.

If Tom continues to play another season with Tampa Bay next summer, he will be able to earn an additional $40 million in salary and endorsements. His total career earnings will be $460 million at the time of his retirement.

Let’s say Tom makes $20 million per annum from investments and endorsements over the next ten years. This will add $200 million to his total career earnings. Add his $375 million Fox Sports contract and Tom Brady’s 2034 career earnings will be…

$1.035 Billion

This should be enough to allow Tom to surpass Gisele in terms net worth


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